Auction Source Guarantee

If we don't exceed your expectations, adjust our fee accordingly. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Auction Source Difference

Faster Check-In at the Event

Enter bid number, scan credit card. No receipt to print and sign.

Faster Checkout at the Event

Handheld bar code scanners eliminate typing mistakes.

Error-Free Bidding

Bidders use bar code stickers. Eliminates reading hand-written bids.

Less Expensive Credit Card Fees

Event credit card charges “batched” to eliminate typing mistakes.

Unique Way to Sell at the Event

Multi-item bid sheets use bar code stickers. Raffles, donations, wish lists, parties and more.

Reliable Network at the Event

Two technicians deliver and set up computers. On-site approximately 14 hours.

Faster Production Prior to the Event

Reps print bid sheets, bidder packets, gift certificates, plaques and more. Paper and labels provided.

User-Friendly Online Software

Access online software through popular browsers, either PC or MAC – enter data anywhere/anytime. Online catalog updates simultaneously.

Faster Training for Data Entry

Personal, individual training. No manual required.

Website Setup for Registration

Technicians create a custom, online event registration website from your invitation.

Registration Data Entry

Online registration website automatically updates your database. No exports
or imports.

Faster Online Auction Uploads

Technicians “bulk” upload items with pictures to Auction Anything.

Locally-Based Company

Local customer service representatives and software developers provide
fast support.

The Auction Source Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our goal! If we don’t exceed your expectations, adjust our fee accordingly.